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What war is the heaviest and most sophisticated in the world of all the time? Crusade? Conquering Constantinople? The Destruction of Andalusia? Or world war 1-2-3? No, no.

The most sophisticated war from time immemorial has been the battle between our bodies and the virus. What is the reason? because the combat strategy is always "updated". the strength of his troops is always increasing. The weaponry is also getting better. IT systems and computerized viruses against the body are constantly evolving. Cool!

A living thing versus a virus is like a living cell with a soul fighting non-material material. But smart and never give up. What is the real virus? Viruses are non-creatures that are simply dangerous but benign. It must be confusing. I'll try to simplify it.

Viruses are not simple creatures. Due to its very small size, consisting of proteins, it has no cells. How this virus emerged is still a matter of debate. Because the principle is a virus, it can only live if it rides on its host. Namely living things: either humans or animals.

Without a host, he is helpless and dies. So if a virus attacks, it doesn't need to stick much to its host. Only one very small creature is enough to be the vehicle. Do you still remember how Covid19 entered Indonesia? Only brought by a Japanese tourist, who is close to two local Indonesians. February 28, 2020, at that time only three people were infected. One month later, Covid19 has infected thousands of people in various regions in Indonesia.

Why is it spreading so fast? Because if he's already attached to his host, he can quickly multiply. The term infects cells, followed by duplication and replication. With a simple way like that, the Cell immediat Viruses are also very "meticulous" and super sophisticated. Why? because protein as the basic material of viruses, has DNA and RNA. What is DNA? DNA is an identity molecule of living things that is inherited from parents. Meanwhile, RNA is a molecule that helps the formation of DNA through protein synthesis.

Simply put, if the two basic materials of this virus attach to the body of a living being, the body will respond to its troops. In the form of activation of the body's defenses. Namely the body's immune system.

Remarkably, this virus attaches itself to cells, as an intruder. Because it is small and small, the body has not responded. Unable to catch the signal, a foreign object has attacked. This virus is an intelligent material that seems to understand the meaning of the words patient and calm. 

Whenever it attaches itself to the host cell, it waits for the right moment to hit the target. Patiently.ely went all-out.When is it? when the body is caught off guard with fatigue. Could be due to high stress, over activity, including emotional factors. Cell protective proteins are easily stretchable. When there is a break in the binding, the attached virus enters the host cell. The term, viruses carry out fusion in cells.

When attached to a host cell, it wears a "disguise" to keep it out of sight. The protective hood is his name. When it gets into the cells, subtly, this virus starts to confuse the body cells. Why? Because he entered in disguise, covered by the hood. Because the size of the virus is very small, it is considered harmless. Direct mast cells of the body

Erode it .. Cell enzymes damage the viral capsules.

This is where the body enters the trap, the Batman trap. Because precisely with the destruction of the capsule, a super sophisticated viral protein emerges. Quickly duplicate cell proteins, aka copying cell DNA and RNA codes. So that the virus is safe in the body's cells, because the protein memory is the same as the body's protein. As a result, the body does not realize that there is an invasion of foreign proteins. Sophisticated! Furthermore, the virus is free and independent to replicate, reproduce itself, in a smooth, smooth and silent manner.

When the body's cells wake up, it's too late. The virus has spread everywhere in the body and he is good at determining the target of the attack. The virus will attack the vascular system. So that the permeability of the membrane (strength of the blood vessel membrane) is reduced. As a result, blood from cells in the vascular, out to the tissue. So that the cells become concentrated, the vascular lack of fluid material. Hypovolemic shock ensues. This is an example of a successful invasion of a living Dengue Virus, the host being a mosquito.

There are many other viral attacks. Smallpox virus, Herpes virus, Ebola virus, HIV virus including influenza virus and Corona virus. Each has its own specific attack field. Has the ability of disguise, infiltration, agitation, provocation and surprise attacks. Very small but very sophisticated biomolecular chains are destructive from within.

What's the danger? Because this virus invades very smooth, smooth and quiet. Makes the body oblivious to the invasion. It is also dangerous, because the virus gives instructions by imitating, copying the body's DNA and RNA. So that the body thinks it is normal. This intelligent, non-living virus makes the body a resource for self-reproduction and after being spread a lot, the virus turns into a disease.

This is a super sophisticated 5G IT system from viruses. The Like, share and comment techniques available on Youtube and social media are outdated in origin. Viruses have known this trick, since thousands of years ago. When the virus attaches and enters the host cell, it copies the protein structure of the cell. So that the virus is favored by the host cell environment. Then he multiplied, then spread. 

When scattered, the body's cells just become aware. Comment responses in the form of body alarms also appeared. Medsos is a virus version of thousands of years old, it is very extraordinary.
When the body realizes the attack of this virus, it is weak and infected. Just then the body alarm appeared. Fever, cough, runny nose, breathlessness, nausea, vomiting or skin disorders are the body's symptoms that alert you to a viral infection.

In fact, B cells, T-helper cells, lymphocytes, macrophages, mast cells, which are the body's special forces, release initial units called Cytokines. This cytokine “aju” unit team consists of special squads such as interleukins, chemokines, lymphokines. Its job is to give signals to cells to react to foreign objects that attack. This signal gives a sign of an inflammatory reaction. Symptoms appear such as fever, cough and cold and other clinical symptoms. These forces, if few, are useful for generating antibodies. However, if in large quantities, it can be dangerous. Because it causes sepsis which leads to organ death.

The danger again, the virus can spread, from person to person (flu, herpes, HIV) or insect bites, animals or contaminated drinks (Ebola through animals, dengue mosquitoes dengue fever). Called benign because the point is this virus is easily weakened. With notes, our bodies already have a copy of the viral protein. So that soldiers and support troops in the form of body antibodies, can deal with it. Without damaging healthy body cells.

In the initial phase of a virus attack, the body will release phagocytic cells in the form of macrophage cells, to deal with it. Like troops, these macrophage cells have the ability of phagocytes to be infantry troops. And just then, the body alarm was sounded. The released cytokines signal the body, there is an invasion. The signal is in the form of clinical symptoms, such as fever, cough and runny nose.
The next phase, T cells, B cells and lymphocytes also invade the virus with full force. Like troops, T cells, B cells, macrophages and lymphocytes, are warships, aircraft and tanks. The quality of the troops in this phase, depending on the ability of the body, has data on the invading virus. So, the body can issue the appropriate additional troops.

So basically the body has T cells, B cells, lymphocytes and macrophage cells which are the body's immune system. These cells, are able to detect the development of the virus as well as order the phagocyte cells to destroy the virus. The answer to viral attacks is vaccines. Namely a virus that has been tamed or weakened. The pathogenesis of the virus which has been attenuated, renders it harmless when it attacks the human body. In fact, it triggers the body to produce antibodies to face offensive pathogenic viruses from outside. There is the MMR vaccine (smallpox, measles gindongan), HZV vaccine for herpes, HBV vaccine for hepatitis B.

Then what about Covid19? In principle, the same as the general characteristics of other viruses. But what needs to be watched out for, there are many things that have not been successfully revealed and recognized from the Corona19 virus. Unlike influenza viruses, or dengue or herpes, which have been around for years. It takes time and long research to reveal Corona's identity.
There are facts that are not widely known, that the Corona virus attacks the weak points of our bodies. Indeed, for Port De Entriy it is the airway. But if he fails to immobilize the body through the airway. Then he will look for our weakest body parts.

For example, if you have gastritis or stomach pain, Covid19 will make it difficult for you to eat. If we have problems with hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids, then it will be difficult for us to defecate. For the elderly who have heart problems and hypertension, their body will be uncomfortable. As a result, it is difficult to sleep, and the tension is not controlled.

Covid19 is indeed an unyielding invader. Even if our bodies can fight it, it doesn't guarantee that the Corona doesn't come back. It will remain in the host's body. Waiting off guard and tired of the host. Then it strikes again, the weak point of the host. Although the body can handle it, it is quite busy, by its incursion.

Therefore, we must not underestimate this Corona virus. Because we haven't succeeded in revealing his true identity. He always attacks the weak points of the host. And the fact is, the number of patients who have died, continues to increase. Moreover, a vaccine, which comes from an attenuated Corona virus, has not yet been found.

Being vigilant is a tricky attitude. It is better for us to protect ourselves by adhering to the Covid19 health protocol than to be ignorant and ignorant of government warnings. What is the lesson behind this viral behavior lesson? That viruses as non-living material or whatever they are called, have two extraordinary attack strategies.

What is that strategy? Tenacity in endeavors and Patience awaits opportunities. So therefore, it is understandable, why the Samawi religions always teach to be patient and calm. And never stop to endeavor. Because the virus can only be paralyzed by the body's reaction with minimal stressors and low emotional factors. So that the body's stressor hormones, do not come out that make viruses, cannot fuse into cells. Because the protective layer of body cells, tightly closed.

If, if you want to win against the virus. Activate the body's antibodies, with continuous effort. Accompanied by endless patience. Continue to surrender to the best destiny of Allah SWT.
It is true that Rasullullah SAW said: "The most important jihad is someone jihad [fighting] against himself and his desires)" (Narrated by Ibn An-Najjar from Abu Dzarr Radhiyallahu anhu).

Bumi Gurindam 12, 29 05 2020
By : Dr.(can) dr Hisnindarsyah,S.E.,M.Kes.,M.H

Rumkital Dr.Midiyanto Suratani


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